Escape Room NYC

Escape rooms have become one of the more popular entertainment options in the United States in the last few years. Many people living or visiting New York City (NYC) are interested in visiting an escape room NYC and would like to find out the best escape room in the city. Review sites like TripAdvisor for travel and new room, book nowYelp are one of the best ways of getting feedback on the various escape rooms in New York to find out which escape room is the best, since those who have actually used the escape room are rating the room. According to TripAdvisor, Mission Escape Games has the top-rated escape rooms in New York, with thousands of satisfied customers leaving their positive feedback.

Why an escape room in NYC can be fun?

There are multiple reasons why Mission Games is considered the top-rated escape room in New York. They have multiple new¬†escape rooms with different stories and new escape rooms will be added in the future so that customers can choose from more options. Some of the rooms are based on End of the day’s theme, in which the players have to collaborate with each other to create a special object within one hour, to prevent an apocalypse. The other game involves Escape the Hyde-out, and is based on the mystery of Henry Jekyll, the doctor who is missing, and solving the mystery of the strange occurrences.

NYC’s Escape Room Experience

The new escape room experience for the players depends to a large extent on the storytelling, and mission games have ensured that the story is a fun experience. The room is designed so that it uses technology very well to make playing the game a memorable experience. The puzzles are designed with the right level of difficulty to mentally stimulate the players, and make it possible to solve the puzzles, to get the clues required for escaping the room. The team members are encouraged to collaborate with each other and communicate to get the answers they would require to escape the room.

Mission Escape Rooms are the best in N.Y.C.

One of the reasons why many of the players have greatly enjoyed the escape rooms at Mission Games is the friendly hosts or game masters and other staff. The game master is present to guide the players at the game and ensure that they have a good time. In case the players are finding it difficult to solve the puzzle, the game master will provide hints, to help the players. He will also encourage the players, and keep them motivated to escape the room. Even if the time is up, sometimes, the game master will sometimes allow the players to continue, so that they solve the last puzzle. Also, Mission Escape Games always creates new games for you and your friends to book to try.

Challenging escape rooms in NYC

Another factor which should be considered while evaluating the escape room is the comfort level and safety. The escape rooms are usually darkened to create the required ambiance, and the other players may be strangers. The escape rooms of Mission Games are designed so that the players are comfortable as they solve the puzzles and look for clues. A number of escape rooms have been closed because they do not conform to fire safety norms. However, Mission Games takes pride in offering high-quality rooms, and there is an emergency exit, which the players can use to exit the room if required. All this makes the Mission Games escape rooms the best in New York.


The health and safety of our guests and associates is our top priority. Following the guidelines of the federal, state and city governments, Mission Escape Games has temporarily closed all our locations until further notice. We will keep you posted on when we plan to re-open as we continue to monitor the situation, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Let's all get through this together!

How To Play

Solve Unique Brain-Teasing Puzzles to Find Clues


Find clues to solve unique, brain-teasing puzzles. Think fast and act faster, before your hour is up!

Communicate & Cooperate with Your Team to Escape the Room


Teamwork makes the dream work. Communicate and cooperate to make your escape!

Escape the Room Before Your Time Runs Out


Make your way past the puzzles and unlock the door before your time runs out!

Who Should Play

Who Should Play Escape the Room Game


Interactive fun perfect for all generations of the family!


A great hour together for great friends!

Who Should Play?


If you want to team build, look no further!


A fun memory to take away of the city!


Escape games are designed for intense cooperation and working together, where communication is essential. Whether you're looking for an ice breaker with new team members or looking to build team spirit among the department, this is the perfect way for the office to get out and enjoy a high-quality team-building exercise.

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