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We all have wanted to be part of a movie once in our lives. The wonder of adventure is one that we all keep on chasing regardless of age, but there’s rarely a moment where we are forced to use all our wits and come on top like a real movie star. Thankfully there’s someone ready to provide that. Mission Escape Games offers the best New York escape room experience you can even begin to imagine. With its variety of courses and story lines being ready to bring you the boost in adrenaline and excitement you have been waiting for your entire life.

Why Choose Mission Escape Games rooms?

For those of you not in the know, escape rooms are a unique experience designed to bring each costumer their own adventure. The basic concept is rather straightforward; a team of professionals builds a space New York escape roomwhere players have to solve puzzles to advance to the next room. All in the spirit of replicating that feeling of surviving and winning only through sheer wits. In a sense it’s the ultimate real life puzzle game. However, Mission Escape Games tries to go beyond that. Through it’s New York escape rooms Mission Escape Games offers a wide variety of scenarios to get people involved. They don’t just sell a puzzle game, what they offer is a complete narrative experience. Whether you are facing the end of times and trying your best to save mankind before the clock hits zero. Or you are sent to another time and location to solve a classic mystery from the books. There is always a sense of purpose behind each escape room experience, and this helps make it more than just a series of puzzles and riddles. Mission Escape Games truly offers it’s customers a full experience that resembles all the great adventures seen on the screen.

Top Rooms in the Big Apple!

And none of the experiences in Mission Escape Games have to be undertaken alone. Groups are welcomed in, and many of the campaigns will go even better with more hands involved in the experience. All rooms are designed to keep up to 8 players at a time, and larger parties can be organized in advance depending on the experience. This makes their local New York escape room a wonderful opportunity to pass time with friend and family, or it can even be a clever and unique date destination. Regardless of your company you can rest assured every game has something for everybody.

See another great thing about Mission Escape Games is that their experiences have many genres and tones. While other escape rooms focus on a single subject, and very often take the escape part to heart resulting in mostly horror games. Here at Mission Escape Games all adventures have a different genre. There are many horror games available, of course. But you can also opt for a good adventure instead, or perhaps a general mystery would be more to your preference. This is also great for repeat customers; as they can easily try out a whole new experience in a completely different genre at any moment.

So all in all, if you want to live your own adventure in the flesh and not behind a screen. Visit Mission Escape Games and bring all the excitement you want to your daily life.

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