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Video games which feature characters trying to escape from an enemy or a particular area have been popular for many years. In the last decade, in Asia, inspired by these video games, real-life escaping, game,escape rooms were developed, in which teams with players would be confined to one or more rooms. These teams are expected to solve puzzles, find clues, work together, to find a solution and escape the area to which they were confined. These rooms quickly became popular throughout the world, and there are a large number of escape rooms where people can enjoy playing breakout rooms with their friends or strangers.

How to Play To Escape Games?

An escape game or escape room game is a team game with six to eight players who are confined to one or more rooms. A player is expected to work with their team members to solve puzzles and find other clues, which will help the team escape the room within a specified period, usually one hour. In a public game, anyone can join to become a member of a team, with each game taking approximately one hour. For privates, only family member, friends or office colleagues can participate in the game. For each game, there is a host who will guide the players who are participating in the game.

Mission Escape Game’s

Widely regarded as one of the best escape room business in the United States since they have offered breakout rooms to people since 2014 and have many years of experience. Their business is extremely immersive and uses the latest technology so that the players can have an enjoyable experience. They take pride in ensuring that the players are playing in the best possible environment. The puzzles are formulated after extensive research so that the players have fun and are also mentally stimulated when they try to solve the puzzles. Their hosts are extremely friendly and enthusiastic, ensuring that all players have a good time.

Anyone can escape? Escaping rooms is Fun

Depending on the skill levels of the players, they can choose between various levels of the game, those who have never played can choose the beginner level, while those who have played can opt for intermediate or advanced level. Based on the level selected, the difficulty of the puzzles and other clues will also vary. Playing is becoming one of the more popular ways to celebrate special occasions like birthdays with family members and friends. These rooms are also becoming popular among corporates for team building.

Top Escape Game’s in NYC

In the last few years, our company has been rated as the top company in New York city by users of review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. In addition to the New York escape rooms which are located in Manhattan, close to Times Square on 27th Street, escape rooms are available in three other states for those who enjoy playing escape rooms. The other escape rooms of the company are located at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, West Hartford in Connecticut and Anaheim in California. So those who wish to play escape rooms in real life, should visit the closest escape room and reserve a slot for themselves.

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The health and safety of our guests and associates is our top priority. Following the guidelines of the federal, state and city governments, Mission Escape Games has temporarily closed all our locations until further notice. We will keep you posted on when we plan to re-open as we continue to monitor the situation, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Let's all get through this together!

How To Play

Solve Unique Brain-Teasing Puzzles to Find Clues


Find clues to solve unique, brain-teasing puzzles. Think fast and act faster, before your hour is up!

Communicate & Cooperate with Your Team to Escape the Room


Teamwork makes the dream work. Communicate and cooperate to make your escape!

Escape the Room Before Your Time Runs Out


Make your way past the puzzles and unlock the door before your time runs out!

Who Should Play

Who Should Play Escape the Room Game


Interactive fun perfect for all generations of the family!


A great hour together for great friends!

Who Should Play?


If you want to team build, look no further!


A fun memory to take away of the city!


Escape games are designed for intense cooperation and working together, where communication is essential. Whether you're looking for an ice breaker with new team members or looking to build team spirit among the department, this is the perfect way for the office to get out and enjoy a high-quality team-building exercise.

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