Into the Depths: Submerged

Dive into the depths of the ocean on a secret mission with your team, navigating uncharted waters. As you plunge deeper, the stakes rise with each discovery, challenging your courage and teamwork. Can you uncover the hidden secrets and complete your mission before time runs out?

Capacity: Up to 8 Players (See notes below)
Theme: Neutral, Submarine Adventure
Type: Private
Special Notes:

Submerged is a private mission, reserved exclusively for your group.

The pricing is:
Monday thru Thursday
2 players
: $37 per player
3 to 4 players: $34 per player
5 to 8 players: $32 per player

Friday thru Sunday plus Holidays
2 to 3 players
: $111 for the group
4 to 8 players: $34 per player

To add additional players after booking, the reservation can be adjusted on the date of the event during check-in.

Please plan to arrive earlier so that we may process payment.

For any additional questions, please call us at (860) 337-1821 during normal business hours.