Best Escape Room

Many people have played computer and video games often for greatest, escape, roomentertainment and relaxation. The theme of most of these games often involves escaping from a powerful enemy who will harm the player. After playing these video or computer games for some time, they can become boring since the number of options is usually decided by the game designer and programmer who has written the software. Hence increasingly people are interested in becoming part of alternate reality games themselves, which is the reason why escape rooms and escape games have become extremely popular worldwide in the last decade.

Top Escape rooms

Software is used to create computer games, escape rooms are a real-life version of the video best escape roomsgames in which the player and his team are confined to the room. The theme, decor, sound and other special effects including augmented reality are used to recreate the environment of the game. Like the video game, the player who is playing the escape game has to solve puzzles, find clues, open locks along with other members of the team, and escape the room. The team in the escape room is usually only allowed time of one hour, to solve the puzzle and escape the room.

Greatest Escape Stories

10 travel storiesSince the players in the team participate in the activities in the escape room to solve the puzzles within a specified time period, there is a sense of involvement. For most of the escape rooms, the theme and story have been developed after extensive research, so that it is a very immersive and fun experience for all the team members. Most people, who enjoy playing computer games, enjoy the escape games, since they are mentally stimulating with puzzle solving, logical reasoning and searching for clues. The game gives them an opportunity to become part of the alternative reality experience.

Playing Top Escape Rooms

Usually, most people play escape games with their friends and family members. Typically players who wish to play an escape game have to reserve the escape room for themselves. They are usually charged a flat rate per player. Usually, each game will begin at a specific time, and the players who have booked a slot are expected to be present at the escape room, 15 minutes before the start time for the escape game. The players may not be familiar with the other members of the team in a public game, so it gives them an opportunity to meet new people. If a player does not wish to play the game with strangers, he can book all the slots to make it a private game.

Game rules

The rules of a game are usually explained to the team members by the game master or host. He will also conduct the game, and provide hints if necessary. While most of the games are of length sixty minutes, there are some escape rooms, where the duration of each game may be more or less. Typically the puzzles in the escape room are fairly difficult. Many of the escape rooms are showing the success ratio of those who played the escape game, which is usually less than 30 %. However, it is possible to choose the level of difficulty for a game, to increase the possibility of succeeding.

Escape Rooms Around The Globe

There are a large number of escape rooms worldwide, and these rooms differ in their theme, user experience, difficult levels, decor, and other aspects. Since playing escape games is an enjoyable experience, many people are interested in trying different escape rooms to check their escape skills. Some of the top-rated escape rooms according to experts are listed below:

Mission escape games

Mission escape games have been rated the best by players who have played escape games in rooms all over the country and elsewhere. They have escape rooms in four different locations in the United States. The escape rooms at Manhattan, New York are close to Times Square and can be easily reached using the public transport system in New York. The other escape rooms from Mission Games are located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anaheim in California state, West Hartford in Connecticut state. All the escape rooms are public escape rooms, and players should reserve all slots if they wish to play a private game.


The games and themes for the escape games are upgraded frequently to provide a better experience for the players. At present, players can choose between the escape games End of Days and Mystery of Henry Jekyll. End of Days is based on the story of an imminent Apocalypse, which the players can escape only if they will make a special object using the ingredients. The other story “Escape the Hyderoom” is based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, it involves tracing the missing Henry Jekyll and linking him to the events which have taken place. New themes are likely to be added soon

Game design

One of the reasons why Mission games are very popular is because they offer a very enjoyable experience to the players of the game. The games are designed so that participating in the games is a fun experience for the players. The puzzles are designed to mentally stimulate the players and they encouraged to be observant looking for clues. The rooms decor and theme is well designed and the latest technology and gadgets are used for providing clues to the players. Up to eight players can play a game at a time, though sometimes fewer players may book a slot.

Game master

The game encourages the players to collaborate with each other and work together to solve the puzzles, find clues to escape the room. Most of the customers who have played the Mission games are extremely happy with the game master, host and other staff, who encourage them when they are unable to find the relevant clues, providing hints to help them. In some cases, the game master may also extend the game or help solve the puzzle even after the 60 minutes which are provided for the game are over. The room is designed so that players are comfortable while playing the game.

Safety and comfort

While some escape rooms are being closed because they do not conform to the fire safety norms, Mission escape rooms remain popular because of their high quality. All escape rooms have an emergency button, so players can easily exit the room if they are not feeling well or other reasons, by pressing the buttons. Popular review sites like Yelp and travel review site TripAdvisor have rated Mission escape-games as the best escape rooms in New York for several years. Most of the customers who have enjoyed the escape games are extremely happy with their experience and look forward to playing the escape games again.


Escapology is considered to be one of the fastest-growing escape games companies in the world. They have escape rooms in ten different locations within the United States and elsewhere. There are eleven different escape games available, so players can choose a suitable game according to their skill level. Between two to six players can participate in a game. “Narco”, a drug lord themed escape game is one of the most popular game, though it is not suitable for younger children.

Room Escape Adventures

Room Escape Adventure is another series of escape rooms which are located in 25 different locations worldwide. Up to twelve people can participate in an escape room game at a time. Some of the popular games in these escape rooms are “Trapped in a room with a Zombie”. “Da Vinci’s Lost Meatball, and Escape the 80’s Dance Party. The Zombie theme is extremely popular among those who play escape games.

Escape Hunt

The escape rooms of Escape Hunt are found in all the inhabited continents of the world and have a large number of customers who have played their games. Unlike the other escape rooms, the Escape Hunt rooms have games which are specific to the location of the escape room. For example, the Houston, Texas room has a game titled “Theft of Texas Lone Star” while the Barcelona room has a theme “La Vampiria de Barcelona” with the players entering the home of a serial killer from Spain, to help the victims escape.

Mission Escape Games in NYC Rated 10!

Mission Escape Games is rated very highly by escape game experts. It has different rooms with different themes and stories, though a sixth one may be added soon. The difficulty level, as well as the success rate for each theme,  is indicated so that the players or teams can choose a suitable room. One of the most popular games is “Escape The Hydeout”. where the players have to get escape the cleverness of Dr. Jekyl. This escape room is considered the best escape room in N.Y.C.

Mission Escape Games Anaheim, CA

Located in Anaheim, California, Mission Escape Games is also rated highly and has five different rooms and stories. Each of the games has a game master who will direct the game, and also encourage the players. The themes for these games are based on fantasies. The number of players varies from three to ten. One of the games called “Breakout” has the players trying to escape and an ultimate bank heist. In another game “Torture  Chamber”, the players will try to outwit a killer, who does not want them to leave because they are the next victims.

Mission Escape Games Connecticut

The Mission Escape in CT, claims that it is the most popular escape game in West Hartford. Between three to ten players can play a game at a time. At present, the two themes for the games are “Escape The Hydeout” and “End Of Days”. These are the specialties of the Mission Escape Games brand; everyone loves the excitement and the themes of the story behind the games.


The Sherlocked Mystery Experiences in Amsterdam, Netherlands has games of differing durations and are suitable for smaller teams. They are named after the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. “The Vault” is a game of duration ninety minutes, and the players have to steal a specified object from a safe which uses the latest technology. An assistant who is called the “henchman” is present for the game and will provide hints to the players if they are unable to find answers. “The architect” is another game, of length one hour, and the players have to search the office of the dead architect to find clues to a secret society.

5 Wits

Though 5 wits is not a conventional escape room, it is similar since it also involves puzzle solving and adventure. The 5 wits games can be played at multiple locations and are fairly inexpensive when compared to the other escape rooms. For each adventure, the player will move through more than one room. Special effects, storytelling with asteroids, artificial intelligence make the players the heroes in their own action-adventure film. The five different rooms at 5 wits include one named “Deep space”, where the player has to figure out what happened in thirty minutes at the abandoned star-ship after being teleported to it.

13th Gate Escape

Widely regarded as one of the most frightening and thrilling escape rooms in the United States, the 13th Gate Escape is located at Baton Rouge in Louisiana. The various escape rooms are rated on the basis of their “Fear Factor”. Most players consider “Cutthroat Cavern” which is based on finding a hidden treasure of a pirate to be the least frightening game. Another game called “The Collector” involves escaping from the bottom of the well from a killer within sixty minutes.

The Basement

Compared to other escape rooms, the Basement in Sylmar, California is fairly high profile and has been featured in television programs like The Bachelorette on ABC network. Players can choose from different room themes, like the Courtyard, The Elevator Shaft, the Study and the Basement. The games are designed so that players forget that it is a game. The games are fairly difficult and the success rate for each game is less than 35%.

When Choosing your escape room center?

If you like to travel consider a 10/10 rating of Mission Escape Games. Though there are a large number of escape rooms which are highly rated, Mission Escape Games is widely regarding as having the best quality escape rooms, so do not hesitate and book today. You can visit any of the 3 locations throughout the U.S.