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Escape game tickets make great gifts for friends and loved ones! It’s a fun experience for people to share and enjoy together. They’re valid for a year so they have the time to select the perfect date, and different games to choose from!

MEG Anaheim - Gift Card

Black Friday Special: (Valid Thru 11/30/2020). Please note that all vouchers purchased will only apply to reservations of 4 or more players. For any bookings less than 4 players you will be subject to different pricing, therefore, will be value based and not player based. Due to the nature of our tiered pricing structure for reservations of 1-3 players, your gift voucher will be used towards the value of your booking rather than the total number of players.

For example, a booking for 2 players based on our tiered pricing is $135. If you purchased a voucher for 4 players of $140, your voucher will cover $135 of the $140 and you will retain a $5 balance only. The remaining balance will not be good for another 2 players.

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If you have questions about purchasing/redeeming a gift card,
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