When booking an escape room New York City, is it possible to request a specific game master?

When booking an escape room New York City, is it possible to request a specific game master?

Escape rooms have become a popular and thrilling activity for friends, families, and colleagues looking for a unique challenge. In the bustling heart of New York City, Mission Escape Games offers some of the most immersive and exciting escape room New York City experiences. One common question that arises when booking an escape room is whether it’s possible to request a specific game master. This article will explore the possibilities and provide detailed information on how Mission Escape Games NYC handles such requests.

Understanding the Role of a Game Master

A game master (GM) plays a crucial role in the escape room experience. They are responsible for setting the scene, providing hints, ensuring player safety, and maintaining the flow of the game. A skilled GM can enhance the enjoyment and immersion of the players, making the experience memorable. At Mission Escape Games NYC, the game masters are known for their professionalism and ability to create an engaging atmosphere.

Requesting a Specific Game Master

While Mission Escape Games NYC strives to accommodate all customer requests to enhance their experience, requesting a specific game master can sometimes be challenging. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Availability: Game masters work on scheduled shifts, and their availability can vary. If you have a preferred GM, it’s best to check their schedule in advance.
  • Advance Notice: Providing advance notice when booking your escape room increases the chances of your request being accommodated. Last-minute requests are harder to fulfill.
  • Special Occasions: If you are booking the escape room for a special occasion such as a birthday or team-building event, mentioning this can sometimes help in accommodating specific requests.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible with your booking date and time can also improve the likelihood of getting your preferred game master.

How to Make a Request

When booking an escape room at Mission Escape Games NYC, you can make a request for a specific game master through the following methods:

  1. Online Booking: While filling out the booking form online, there may be a section for special requests. Use this section to mention your preferred game master.
  2. Phone Call: Calling the Mission Escape Games NYC location directly allows you to speak with staff who can check the schedule and note your request.
  3. Email: Sending an email with your booking details and the name of the preferred game master can be another effective way to communicate your request.

Factors Influencing the Assignment of Game Masters

Several factors influence the assignment of game masters to different escape rooms, including:

  • Experience Level: Some game masters specialize in certain themes or difficulty levels. Ensuring the best match for the room booked might take precedence.
  • Training and Familiarity: Newer game masters may be in training or more familiar with specific rooms, affecting their assignment.
  • Operational Needs: The overall schedule and staffing requirements of the escape room facility also play a significant role in assigning game masters.

Benefits of Having a Preferred Game Master

Requesting a specific game master can significantly enhance your escape room experience. Here are some benefits:

  • Personal Connection: If you’ve played with a particular GM before and enjoyed their style, having them again can recreate that positive experience.
  • Enhanced Experience: A GM who understands your group’s dynamics and preferences can tailor their hints and interactions accordingly.
  • Consistency: For returning players, having the same GM can provide a sense of continuity and familiarity.

Alternatives if Your Request Cannot Be Accommodated

If it’s not possible to have your preferred game master, there are still ways to ensure a great experience:

  • Communicate Preferences: Share your group’s preferences and any specific needs with the assigned GM at the beginning of your session.
  • Provide Feedback: After your game, provide feedback to help Mission Escape Games NYC understand what made your past experiences enjoyable, which can assist in future assignments.
  • Try Different GMs: Each game master brings a unique style and approach. Trying different GMs can offer new and exciting perspectives on the escape room experience.


When booking an escape room at Mission Escape Games NYC, requesting a specific game master can be a possibility, though it depends on various factors such as availability and scheduling. By understanding the role of game masters, knowing how to make a request, and being flexible, you can enhance your escape room experience. Whether or not your specific request can be fulfilled, Mission Escape Games NYC is committed to providing a memorable and thrilling adventure.

FAQs about Escape Room New York City

Q: How far in advance should I request a specific game master?
A: It is recommended to request a specific game master as early as possible, ideally at the time of booking, to increase the chances of availability.

Q: Can I request a specific game master for any escape room theme at Mission Escape Games NYC?
A: While you can request a specific game master, their assignment might depend on their familiarity and expertise with particular themes or rooms.

Q: What if my preferred game master is not available on the day of my booking?
A: If your preferred game master is unavailable, Mission Escape Games NYC will assign another skilled GM and ensure you have a great experience.

Q: Can I request a specific game master for a large group or corporate event?
A: Yes, for special events or large groups, mentioning your preference when booking can help the staff accommodate your request better.

Q: How can I provide feedback about my experience with a game master?
A: You can provide feedback through the Mission Escape Games NYC website, via email, or directly at the location after your game session.

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